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Make A Spiritual Journey On A Catholic Pilgrimage

Have you wished to celebrate Mass at one of the great basilicas in Rome, Marian Shrines in Europe or on a Catholic Pilgrimage to the Holy Land?
Is there a special place of pilgrimage you have always wanted to experience?

On Pilgrimages:

Parishioners pray with the Holy Father in Rome.
You walk in the Footsteps of Jesus in the Holy Land, retelling stories of the Bible.
Faithful Catholics are united as they celebrate Mass together at the Shrines dedicated to Our Lady & The Saints.
People are drawn closer to the Lord through the blessings and graces of your pilgrimage tour, which will encourage you throughout your lifelong pilgrimage.

Pilgrimage... A Spiritual Journey With a Holy Purpose

To Paris

To the Holy Land

To Rome

To Spain

To Assisi

To Ireland

Available Pilgrimage Tours: 2018

Prices Include Airfare
Bookings Can Be Made From Anywhere In The United States
Please Call For A Price From Your Location

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How often have you heard…
…moving stories of experiences at the Marian Shrines, the very places where apparitions of the Virgin Mary have occurred? How enriched would your life and the lives of your fellow Catholics be if you were to experience this together? Perhaps you know of some people who need to draw closer to the Lord for spiritual growth or healing? Or it simply may be an opportunity for your parishioners to escape their every day, busy lives and dedicate some much needed time for spiritual renewal?

If you yearn to strengthen the faith of your parishioners and tighten your bond with them in an experience like no other…

Then you’re ready to embark on a spiritual journey with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to experience the blessings of a pilgrimage tour that will last a lifetime!

Do you want your pilgrimage with a tour company who cares about you and understands your needs?
Would you like to talk with a pilgrimage expert, not travel agents who also sell religious tours?
How will you feel getting personalized care and attention to every detail of your catholic pilgrimage?

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At Catholic Pilgrimage Tours…
Its not just the bottom line we’re interested in. We make sure every pastor and every pilgrim who joins one of our pilgrimages is not just booked, but is cared for every step of the way. When you call, you talk to a real human being, (who speaks clear English) who knows the answers to your questions.
We are not a travel agency who just happens to dabble in pilgrimages. Pilgrimage is ALL we do.

Catholic Pilgrimage Tours is 100% Catholic owned.

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