Our Pastors Go Free Program

Dear Pastor,

It’s no secret that there’s a shortage of Priest’s these days. You have a full plate from morning to night. “Bored” is simply not in the vocabulary. And getting a chance to recharge your spiritual, motivational and emotional battery may end up at the bottom of your to-do list.

What if you could have a spiritually fulfilling encounter away from the pressures of daily life and still make a life changing impact on people? What if you could do that without a lot of work and effortlessly have everything arranged for you? Like you, we’ve traveled and know how important it is to experience a pilgrimage where we can focus on the most important thing, the pilgrimage itself.

Picture yourself walking in the footsteps of Christ, the Saints and visiting the Shrines of Our Lady. Many are transformed as you recount the Sermon on the Mount at the Mount of Beatitudes, or telling the story of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima.

What’s so special about a Catholic Pilgrimage Tour?

Every year pastors and their pilgrims return, from small parish tours to diocesan groups, thrilled with the trip of a lifetime. They connect with God and the most important people in their lives – their Parishioners. You’ll make the Scriptures come alive with a shared commitment to God, one another and the life and mission of the Church.

Wouldn’t you like to lead a trip so meaningful and memorable that your parishioners are literally connected to you forever? And theyll thank you for choosing a company that uses only first class hotels and the finest guides.

Thousands of pastors spend thousands of dollars to go on a spiritual pilgrimage. And it’s money well spent. But now you can go free with all the privileges that a Parish Priest deserves.

What do you need to do?

Simply choose an itinerary along with your dates of travel and we will take the work out of getting your group organized. That’s our ministry to you!!

You’ll have the resources of Catholic Pilgrimage Tours at your disposal. We create personalized brochures for your group that can be distributed at your discretion. We ask that you make announcements about your pilgrimage. We handle your peoples questions and concerns with our personalized customer service.

Would you like to lead your parish or group on a pilgrimage? Click Here to get started.